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Apex Waste Solutions Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Apex Waste Solutions

The delivery of the equipment is your acceptance of the following terms:
Rental Fee does NOT include the *$55.00 per ton dump fee*
1. All loads must be level, with weight distributed evenly. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING PAST TOP RAIL! $200.00 will be charged for items over the top rail.
2. You are subject to a trip charge of up to $150.00 if Apex Waste Solutions is prevented from servicing your container due to overweight or over height dumpster, blocked, or locked behind a gate, snow or ice blocking front wheels and hook, vehicles or equipment blocking access, not limited to the previously mentioned.
3. On a C.O.D. account, the haul/disposal and delivery fee are collected in advance, prior to setup. This covers the delivery and removal of the container, any other activity (hauls) will require another prepayment prior to the service being scheduled.
4. Due to landfill regulations, we will not accept: refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, tires, large drums, medical waste, paint, asbestos materials, contaminated soil, hazardous waste liquid, batteries, railroad ties, oil, dirt, concrete, asphalt, stucco, not limited to the previous listed. When in doubt just ask!
5. DO NOT MOVE THE DUMPSTER! If the dumpster is needed in a different location call to schedule. Dumpster damage will be an additional charge. Extensive damage will be submitted to your insurance policy for repair or replacement or charged to your account.
6. You authorize Apex Waste Solutions to electronically withdraw your credit/debit card or your checking account for all fees and damages associated with your dumpster rental. I authorize Apex Waste Solutions to electronically debit my bank account. I acknowledge that electronic debits against my account must comply with United States law. Any unpaid service or repair will result in a property lien!

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